• Low monthly fees

    Contact us to find out about our low, fixed monthly rates. You can open as many jobs as you want, and hire as many people as you like. We can easily integrate with your applicant tracking system. If you don't have an applicant tracking system, we have a built in basic one you can use at no additional cost.

    We can also take care of payments to non employees for you. We only charge 15% portion paid out to non employees in cases where you would like us to handle payments to third parties. There are no additional fees if you make the payments.
  • "Friends of the firm" referrals: How referral chains work

    If there's only one referrer in the chain, it's easy - that referrer gets the entire reward, whether that person is your employee (in which case you pay them) or someone outside your company (in which case you can pay them, or we can take care of the payments for you).
    If there's more than one referrer, then the person who refers the candidate that gets hired receives half the reward, and the other half is split between the other referrers in the chain. Why split the reward this way? While we appreciate the efforts of everyone in the chain, we want to keep the incentive high for the person that keeps the chain going.
  • Example #1 - One referrer

    Let's say you want to hire an account manager. You enter the job into Zao, set a £1,000 reward and distribute it to your employees, former employees and business colleagues you trust. Alex, a former employee, recommends Jane for the position, and Jane is hired. Either you pay Alex, or you pay Zao £1,150 and Zao pays Alex £1,000.
  • Example #2 - Two referrers

    You set the same reward - £1,000 for a successful hire. This time, Alex doesn't know anyone relevant, but forwards the job to his sister Brenda. Brenda is in college, and sends the job to a few of her friends she thinks might be interested in the job. Brenda's friend Joe applies for the job and is hired. If you want Zao to take care of the payments, you pay Zao only £1,150. Zao pays Alex and Brenda £500 each.