Our resources page was created to share our eBooks, guides and case studies to give you the tools you need to optimize your company employee referral program. Please contact us if there is something you would like to see here that we haven't added!
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Employee Referral Engagement Roadmap

This employee referral roadmap covers how to use gamification for engagement year-round. This guide is built for both beginner and advanced employee referral program managers, with engagement ideas which you can start to implement today.

Social Media and Recruitment Best Practices

We know that social recruiting is important, but finding the best way to manage this can be overwhelming. As a recruiter or HR professional, you're in the business of finding great talent. We have compiled this ebook filled with best practices and tips for recruiting on social networks.

16 Employee Referral Tips

This free eBook will teach you how to use social network data to boost referral hires, manage your ERP and much more!

Gamification for Employee Referral Program Engagement

Learn how to increase employee engagement through the use of gamification. This eBook will cover everything from the basics to tips and best practices for successfully implementing gamification into your referral program!


All-in-one Guide to Employee Referral Programs

Are you ready to master employee referrals? This all in one guide includes everything you need to plan a winning referral program, including 40 tips and best practices.

Your Guide to Remote Recruiting

This free guide will teach you how to optimize your remote recruiting efforts by networking and assessing your candidates in the most effective manner.

Guide to Recruiting with Facebook''s Graph Search

This easy to use guide is packed with tips on how to recruit and hire employees with Facebook''s amazing new Graph Search tool!

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Great Job Descriptions

This 12 page guide will teach you how to attract top talent and optimize your job descriptions by relating to applicants, making your job descriptions more attractive and increasing your candidate quality.


Employee Referrals Advanced Approaches Webinar with Dr. John Sullivan

This Dr. John Sullivan webinar covers advanced approaches to employee referral programs, why it's important to update your program and which areas you should highlight. With the world revolving around data, your employee referral program should too. Watch this on-demand webinar to find out how.

The Non-Employee Referral Program Webinar

Check out this webinar recording to learn all about engaging trusted non-employees in your referral program and how you can increase your referral hires by 41% using these tips and tricks!

Fistful of Talent and Zao Webinar - 7 Strategies to Increase Employee Referrals

This webinar hosted by Fistful of Talent's Tim Sackett and Kris Dunn, discuss seven strategies to boost your employee referral program, including ways to engage your best employees and increase referrals.

Gamification for Employee Referral Engagement Webinar

Gamification may be relatively new to the world of recruiting, but it's taking off in a major way. Now, plenty of companies are using this strategy to keep employees and job candidates engaged in the recruitment process. Find out more in this webinar presentation.

Hiring Tools

Reference Call Checklist

The reference call checklist is an easy to use tool designed to help hiring managers conduct the most effective reference check