What do we do?

Create a job, set a reward, and forward to your entire network, or only the people you trust the most, depending on the nature of the position.

Zao will help the people who receive your job description automatically search through the list of hundreds of people they know and identify the top candidates.

About us

We''ve built a world-class social recruiting platform around these concepts:
  1. Make it easy to reward all the people that help you make successful hires, whether they work for your company or not.
  2. Increase engagement with gamification by acknowledging quality referral efforts based on your priorities.
  3. Automate as much of your referral program as possible so that you don''t have to do any heavy lifting.
  4. Make your referral program accessible anywhere your employees are using a mobile device.

The team

  • Mark Kieve

    Mark Kieve

    CEO. His Passion and vision will ensure Zao leads the way in referral solutions

  • Ziv Eliraz

    Ziv Eliraz

    Founder and Member of our new Advisory Board.

  • Jonathan Moses

    Yoni Moses

    VP R&D. Brick walls beware when Yoni is around...

  • Warren Landau

    Warren Landau

    Sales Ninja. Blink and he'll make sure referrals are your main source of hire

  • Hilary Dunn

    Hilary Dunn

    Customer Success Manager. Guardian of customer well being and happiness.

  • Daniel Kieve

    Daniel Kieve

    Quality Assurance - making customers happy and programmers angry.

  • The IT Crowd

    The IT Crowd

    Our London team of techies on enough caffeine to code Zao.