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Some of the companies that trust us with their referral and social hires:

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Netotiate was looking to hire an inside sales person, they received referrals in a matter of hours from the time they created the job on Zao. "It was quite fantastic!", said Amir Farhi, Netotiate's Co-Founder and CEO.
The AOL On network, Dan Valach, Head of HR: "I think Zao is a brilliant idea!" Using Zao, AOL was able to expand beyond traditional channels and reach deep into its social networks.
  • 1. Create a job and set a reward

    Getting started is quick and easy. Just sign up, enter your job description and set your reward.

  • 2. Forward to your network

    Quickly distribute jobs to your employees and trusted social networks.

  • 3. Sit back and enjoy the show

    As referrals and applicants flow in, you''ll be able to track who referred them, view how you''re connected and review recommendations. Once you decide to hire, Zao takes care of distributing your reward to the people in the referral chain.

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Here''s the problem we solve:

You love referral hires, but your referral bonus program is limited to your employees. That leaves out ex-employees, vendors and your entire trusted business network, who all know a lot of great people. Plus, there''s no easy way for referrers to search their networks for relevant candidates.

Enter Zao:

With Zao, employees and referrers are rewarded if a friend of a friend is hired, so there''s an added incentive to distribute jobs across their social networks.

Zao is built around referral best practices

We've built a world-class social recruiting platform around these concepts:
  1. Make it easy to reward all the people that help you make successful hires, whether they work for your company or not.
  2. Increase engagement with gamification by acknowledging quality referral efforts based on your priorities.
  3. Automate as much of your referral program as possible so that you don't have to do any heavy lifting.

Full ATS Integration

Zao can seamlessly sync with all the leading Applicant Tracking Systems on the market. If you already have an ATS, we will take care of syncing our two systems automatically. Considering switching ATS vendors? No worries, we can integrate with your new partner too.


Zao automatically adds a gamification layer to your referral program, making it fun for everyone and allowing you track and manage participation. The leaderboard ensures that employees get credit for every action, whether forwarding a lead, getting an applicant, or sharing a job. Zao encourages high quality referrals with special badges and achievements.

Extended Referrals

Zao allows you to extend referrals and referral rewards to trusted "friends of the firm". If your employees don't know someone for a job, their friends might. You can also choose to reward these people. Zao takes care of all payments to outside referrers.

One-Click Email Campaigns

Zao makes it easy to get all your employees on board and connected! You can remind your employees to join your referral program, connect to social networks, and activate smart auto post, all from your dashboard.

Easy and Simple

We know you're too busy to learn how to use yet another product. Our job is to engage your employees and trusted business network, not to keep you busy. Zao is so simple you can get going without any help, and we're always here if you need us.

Employer Branding

Referral portals and career sites are included in our platform, and jobs are shared with your employer brand front and center. You can create a custom referral portal in minutes, with your company's text, images, videos and background.

Mobile Optimized

Your employees and your applicants are on the go. Zao makes sure you never miss a great referral or candidate with a fully mobile optimized experience. All referral portals and career sites on Zao can be automatically accessed on mobile devices, and referrals can easily be made on the go from any device.


Zao lets you track and analyze all referral efforts. You know the exact source of your referrals so you can stop doing what isn't working, and do more of what is.

Detailed Referrer Chain Tracking

Zao lets you see exactly how you're connected to candidates. This makes it easy to get a reference before you decide to interview a candidate, saving precious time and resources.

Social Network Recruiting

Recruit across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and G+. We've integrated all these social networks, so you don't have to limit yourself (or referrers) to any particular social network.


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